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We're so excited and focused on our current projects that we haven't put any time aside for our own website!

We are an IT engineering company engaged in developing and servicing major corporate firms within Australia and around the world. Our focus is predominantly on security software and hardware systems.

Our latest products


The world's first web based Alarm Monitoring System. The flexibility and usability of this system is like no other. If you've ever tried SIMS or CAMS and you're in the market for a better and more cost-effective solution, contact us for a demonstration.


Our video product that's about to change the game! Employing True Push-Technology catchClip can be used standalone, or can be monitored back-to-base. It can be integrated directly with existing alarm systems and is not limited to a particular brand of camera. It is alarm-video convergence. Find out more at


Moving the security industry into the future, our BlueHub Models C, IP & IPR are ready.

BlueHub for catchClip (Model C)

Improving the capabilities of our catchClip product, the BlueHub-C encrypts video clips and other messages before transmitting them to the secure cloud storage facility. It also ensures that, regardless of internet speed, failure or dropouts, all video clips will be buffered and sent to the cloud as soon as the issue is corrected. The BlueHub allows catchClip to be used with 3G/4G Internet solutions and is a requirement of the catchClip service.

BlueHub for Alarm Panels (Model IP & IPR)

Residential and Commercial sites no longer have a reason to be using the Plain Old Telephone System (POTS) for their Alarm Monitoring. The BlueHub IP & IPR will convert the majority of modern Alarm Panels on the market transforming the site into a Full Service IP Monitored site. It also adds remote Arming & Disarming capabilities (IPR) and offers all the same benefits to catchClip as the Model C. This is one of the lowest costing "IP Modules" on the market. We're teaming up with monitoring centres around Australia aiming to bring lower cost IP Monitoring rates to the masses.
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